Yucca mountain

Thus the final selection of Yucca Mountain came about as a result of a process in which politics overwhelmed science. When the Yucca Mountain project was first proposed 20 years ago, Las Vegas was still a fairly small city.

The volcanic units have been tilted along fault lines, thus forming the current ridge line called Yucca Mountain. So, any rain or snow that does not run off or evaporate at the surface would have to move down nearly 1, feet before reaching the repository and then another 1, feet before it reached the water table.

The DOE explains there are 61 commercially operating nuclear power plants with 99 nuclear reactors in the U. We're gonna do it in concert with local communities and state governments.

Thousands of miles through cities, towns, past farms, past businesses, churches, schools, residences," says Reid. No amount of political pomp and circumstance will change that.

The initial goal was to keep the waste contained at Yucca Mountain for at least 10, years. When the fuel that is used to make electricity at the power plants can no longer produce electricity efficiently, it is removed from the reactors. Shimkus is from Illinois, a state with several of the country's nuclear power reactors.

InCongress passed the Nuclear Waste Policy Act, a law which designated deep geologic disposal as the preferred technical solution for nuclear waste disposal, essentially curtailing or terminating serious research and development on other methods like deep borehole or sub-seabed disposal.

Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository

How would a repository work. Needless to say, people in Nevada aren't crazy about this idea, and, as Correspondent Steve Kroft reported last fall, they believe most Americans will agree when they find out how the plan might affect them. The DOE did sign contracts with them to begin taking charge of the waste inalthough it was done as part of deadlines in the Nuclear Waste Policy Act that were set without reference to environmental protection or sound nuclear waste management.

You have to get it there some way. There is also a high potential for neglect in economically difficult times. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit issued a decision granting a writ of mandamus, and directing the NRC to resume its license application review.

It is common sense, and sound science, to site and build a nuclear waste repository to isolate radioactive waste as completely as possible from the human environment for the hazardous lifetime of the waste.

In the event of a transportation accident, moving waste to Yucca could create more than one more nuclear site. Dean Heller criticized the excursion as a "disingenuous, political sideshow" and said if the trip organizers were interested in fact-finding they would have invited experts from the state to participate.

Department of Energy DOE assessments assume that the engineered barriers, notably the metal canisters, will provide adequate containment. It is safer to store spent fuel at one site rather than at dozens. Reid has repeatedly pronounced the project dead while working with President Barack Obama to strangle funding for it.

Nevada officials have put up strong resistance to the nuclear storage facility, dating back to its inception in But even some of the U.

A coalition of elected officials, environmentalists and businessmen is waging a guerrilla war to kill a project they believe has been shoved down their throats.

Various kinds of repository types and environments should be studied for ten to fifteen years without any attempt to identify, rank, or screen specific locations as potential repository sites.

And without doing that, we'll have not only environmental challenges, but we, I think it will undermine our energy security and our national security. If not Yucca Mountain, then what. Repository types need to be considered in tandem with the development of engineered barriers that mimic natural materials and structures that retard the migration of radioactivity for millions of years or more.

What should we do with radioactive waste to protect people and the environment. Shimkus has called for Congress to fulfill a promise to spend money collected from commercial utilities to permanently store spent nuclear fuel that will remain dangerously radioactive for more than 10, years.

We haven't made decisions yet. May 24,  · News about the Yucca Mountain repository, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times.

Yucca Mountain Waste

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Then-Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., made a career of killing the Yucca Mountain project and found a powerful ally in the Obama administration. State of Nevada Office of the Governor Agency for Nuclear Projects Nuclear Waste Project Office College Parkway, suite Carson City, NV A rare early copy of William Smith's Geological Map of England and Wales, previously thought lost, has been uncovered by Geological Society archivists.

The new map has been digitised and made. The Department of Energy (DOE) talks about “disposing of” nuclear waste. But nuclear waste cannot be disposed of; it only can be stored, and the DOE has indicated that.

Yucca mountain
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